Count Yogi Testimonials

"Hi Tim!


I am so excited you are trying to find young men wanting to keep Yogi alive. At 72 and a disciple of the Count since 1981 or so, I am a true believer. Every time I try to change away from Yogi, my game goes in the toilet. One of my greatest days was when the Count came to Los Coyotes CC to do his show.  I do not remember exactly the year, but had to be in the early 80's. With old clubs he consistently hit fades and draws on call shots 280 to 300...WITH PERSIMMON.


Sam Snead told Dale Andreason (local teaching pro and long time friend of mine and Sam) and me in 1980 that Yogi was the greatest ball striker of all time and out drove him by 50 yards in their prime.  JH from Australia is a big fan and says he and Moe were the best, but even he said Moe told him no one was as good as Yogi.


I had left hip replaced a few years ago, but I was scratch for years after going YOGI and was a 3 at the time my hip was replaced. Thought I needed to change because of left hip, but after several years of very bad failure with my irons, I have gone back to all Count Yogi’s way and am dropping down again to single digit.  I only wish I were 15 now.  I would be your first prospect.  I am a true believer.  His visualization before a shot and no practice swing are all a part of me.  AND, I always hit up and finish tall and balanced against my new left hip.  AMAZING!!!


I am again working on the "See, feel, trust" that Yogi was the best at.  God bless you and please keep me posted on the people and their names you get so I can follow their success. Hope you find someone who is as dynamic and flamboyant as Yogi.  Most all on tour are boring and especially the girls.  At least Bryson deChambeau is a character.  He shows some emotion.  Too bad he is not a disciple of Yogi.  He would be perfect!  God bless you."

~ William Milne


“Yogi just has something others don’t have!”

~ Florence Anderson : (Widow of long time Secretary & Treasurer of the National PGA)


“Count, your incredible shot-making was the highlight of our big celebrity event. I’ve have played with the greatest, Byron Nelson, Ben Hogan, Sam Snead, Arnold Palmer and Tony Penna, I’ve never seen such control of outstanding shot-making. Still have a hard time believing what I saw. Please accept my personal thanks.”

~ Ray Goates: (1978, Manager of Los Angeles Golf Administration)


“Count Yogi the Golfer Exceptionale!”

~ Joe Novak: (Three times National PGA President)


“How can you remain perfect and so consistent at golf shots for so many years? The finest opening I’ve ever had on my TV program!”

~ Donald O’ Conner: (Legendary actor, dancer, singer and TV host)


“Count Yogi is not just the great performer, but an honest, intelligent man.”

~ Bob Toski: (World Golf Champion and Vice President of the National PGA)


“I agree incredible player, teacher and Super Straight Shot Artist!”

~ Jimmy Demaret: (PGA Champion)


“Thought Yogi was only publicity; he’s truly the greatest.”

~ Al Besselink: (Winner of the 1st PGA Tournament of Champions Las Vegas )


“Count Yogi hits shots you can’t even hit --- perfect. Of course, he is the greatest.”

~ Oscar Fraley: (Fearless Fraley, golf, sports and movie writer. The Untouchables)


“I’ve seen them all. Yogi’s show of scoring, teaching and entertainment tops everything in golf, athletics and entertainment. It’s the greatest show in history. You do yourself a favor when you see the Count Yogi show.”

~ Willie MacFarlane: (Dean of Professional Golf Winners Miami , Florida )


“Golf will roll along on its own merit. It will not survive merely on tournaments, Rose Bowl games or World Series alone, but with teachers like you to nurture the game to maturity.”

~ Grantland Rice: (The Dean of Sportswriters. Chicago , 1928)


“Fellow professionals want to improve your income, your playing, and your teaching? I feel that he is the master of shot making, playing, scoring and straight-shot trick artistry. Seeing his credentials and then watching him perform in person, -- leaves no doubt but what he’s the best for golf, golfers, and he’d certainly be an asset for the PGA & LPGA tournaments for drawing power.”

~ John Gustin: (PGA champion of Alabama . Teacher of Gary Player and Hubert Green.)


“Such talent and such publicity is incredible!”

~ Leo Peterson: (Sports Editor United Press International, New York City)


“The shoes squeaked but the heavy rains stopped when Yogi performed (witnessed weather elements stopped 3 times out of 848 times unfailingly).”

~ Richard N. Tarlow: (Long time President of Foot-Joy Shoe Company)


“Fellow pros book Count Yogi for your own good and that of your members. He’s is not a phony as we have all been led to believe. He’s honest, sincere and there’s no finer man. Yogi is without doubt the most perfect and consistent player in all history, as well as the greatest teacher. He’s a true, real professional golf artist and the only master of straight shots at both conventional and trick golf. Just book him instantly and hold me responsible. He’s the best. I was an eye witness when Yogi prayed off a heavy rain for Guy Savage to film his show on TV here in Huston.”

~ Milton ‘PRO’ Demaret: (Braeburn C.C. brother of Hall of Famer Jimmy Demaret and past host of the Legend Open)


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