September Newsletter 2014

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I’ve just recently returned from the “2014 Junior America’s Cup”. This is one of the top three junior major’s held yearly since 1974. Some of its past participants and alumni you may recognize: Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Freddy Couples, Corey Pavin, and John Cook just to name a few. It was held this year in Vancouver, BC at the beautiful Shaughnessy Country Club, home of many past and popular tournaments including the Canadian Open. The facility is located in the beautiful evergreen thick forest along the sea owned by the North American First Nation Tribe of the “Musqueam”. Their leader is Chief Wayne Sparrow, a really cool guy.


I was originally planning to attend the event because Count Yogi Golf student Philip Mak competed his way into qualifying for a few tournaments this year including this one. But to my surprise about two weeks before the event I was asked and invited to be this year’s honorary guest speaker at the opening ceremonies banquette. I proudly and respectfully accepted. It was a fun, fabulous, and wonderful three day event where I met allot of talented players and their captains and coaches alike, planting allot of positive Yogi Seeds in the minds of some of golf’s future stars.


I also befriended a very nice and talented lady of the first Nation tribe who is a movie producer. With Yogi’s Native American background and incredible life story and accomplishments, she was very interested and getting a movie done about him. We are in the process of completing a “screenplay” for submission. Who knows! Maybe a Yogi movie will finally get done.





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