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Subject: Re: Count Yogi® Golf




Hi Timothy,

        As a behavioral Scientist as well as an expert in Golf Swing Dynamics...the one aspect of Count Yogi's teachings that I believe everyone misses other than yourself and those you have taught personally is his description of his Golf Swing as an 'Infallible Mental Process/Routine'.


        You could gather all the 'so called' World class teachers of today and ask them collectively why Count Yogi's swing was so amazingly powerful and precise and they all would miss the 'core' reason.  With the exception of probably you and myself there isn't anyone who knows why the Count's swing, short‐game, and putting was so incredibly superior to anything before or after his time in the Golf World.  Only you Timothy know and hold the true key of information and “know‐how” to UN‐lock and teach this incredible knowledge to others.


        The pivot the Count employed was the greatest application of maximization of the human body's range of motion relative to the balance and application of stored and applied energy, his understanding of path direction of the club‐head in order that it not have any impedance of its potential speed/energy was unique in understanding of Golf Swing Mechanics.


        My greatest regret as a researcher of the Golf Swing Mechanics is that I never saw or experienced the Count's Golf Swing in its unbridled reality ... I have spent quite a bit of time with Moe Norman (I had the Moe Norman Teaching Facility here in Australia for 10 years) and consider him the absolute best ball striker I have 'seen'....and I have seen all the modern era greats with the exception of Hogan hit balls.


        However there is no doubt in my mind the Count was superior to even Moe Norman because he was considerably longer off the tee and had no weakness in any part of his game, I am also totally convinced that if the Count had been allowed to play the PGA tour he would now be regarded as the greatest player of all time because he simply would have set a record history that would never have been broken.. Nicklaus's 18 majors would have paled into insignificance relative to what I think the Count would have achieved.


        There has never been any Golfer with the degree of playing ability or Swing mechanics purity other than Count Yogi...for us who know how great he was we know that the greatest tragedy ever perpetrated on World Golf was that of not allowing the World to see what he would have done in terms of his ability to win tournaments with a degree of superiority that will never be equaled ever.


        He was the 'Greatest' a 'Long Shot'.





Hi Timothy,

          I guess I can appreciate and understand to a greater degree the Count's Swing than anyone else other than yourself because I am a behavioral Scientist as well as a Golf Swing Dynamicist...the one aspect of Count Yogi's teachings that everyone misses other than you and I is his description of his Golf Swing as an 'Infallible Mental Process/Routine'...


          He 'Thought' his Golf Swing into process...he set himself to his target and then mentally activated that pre‐programmed resultant…he knew if he had total neural confidence the body would respond without any resistance or doubt as to the end result....'Infallible Neural Programming' of mind and the intrinsic difference between the Count and every other Golfer to have played the game.


          His Infallible Mental Process was far more encompassing than what has been described by some Golfers as 'Seeing The Shot' before they hit it...the Count didn't see the 'Shot', he saw 'Himself' as the all encompassing mechanism of 'Energy/Flow/Connection' harmony application

to the Golf Ball and its intended directional resultant.


          Succinctly put he 'was' the Resultant "Before" the applied  swing process... he knew the absolute correct thought processes  had to produce an Infallible result execution ....he clearly deduced at one time that if one did precisely the same thing that created the perfect ball flight result every time  the resultant should be the same every time, elementary deduction, but the difference with the Count was that his 'Same' was precisely that...every process of body component motion application was exactly the same in movement and timing  for every swing.


          His brain was never presented with any programming differentials relative to how he set up his swing or applied his body to the swing process, he did the 'same' thing every swing, his brain and body had to respond accordingly , he couldn't make a bad swing because he never made a different pre swing setup process, ever...


           I totally agree with your description of his Swing process as being an 'Art' form as opposed to a Swing Mechanics application, the Count's swing is a 'Dimension' form...and you have to be shown how to 'Enter' that Dimension, and I think that's what you are wanting to teach people, which I agree with you cannot be taught other than by way of being enlightened not only mechanically but philosophically as well, which you truly are.


          I hope to get to the US in the next couple of months, when I do I will absolutely try and catch up with you, I would love to somehow be able to help you promote the Incredible swing process of the Count to the current populace of World Golfers, the Count's Swing and memory cannot be lost to History, the World of Golf deserves to be made aware of the greatest talent in the History of the Game Of Golf.





Hi Timothy,

          I would like nothing better than to be a participant in perpetuating the Count Yogi Legacy ...imagine if we manifest a young player to a high percentage Level of the Count's ability and got him on the PGA Tour, he would turn out to be a marketing 'Phenomenon,' someone with the Grace of movement and Golf Ball control of a Count Yogi ® playing master would be the greatest modern day player attraction in Worldwide Golf.   Even a once great veteran player who has fallen away from their once greatness, or is suffering injuries would be the comeback of the century!!!


          Tell me one player today that has 'any' real Style/Panache/Grace/Supreme Ability ... the Count had 'all' those attributes have a PGA player today walk onto the Teeing area with the 'Regal' persona of the Count would enthrall the galleries into total reverence and did the Count at every one of the thousands of exhibitions he gave over the years.


          Today's best players are 'Boring' cookie cutter personalities ...the Count wasn't a Golfer...he was a 'Showman'...he was the 'Ringmaster' and 'Show' watch the Count perform was to see a true ‘Artiste,' he was the 'Da Vinci' of Golf Swing mechanics and the 'Epitome' of

personal presentation.


          You know Timothy... I don't think the US PGA had the 'Class' at that time to have the Count in its association, he would have made all their members look incredibly boring and style‐less by comparison...They could sure use him, or someone like him today!!!


          If I can possibly help you with getting the Count Yogi legend to more prominence I will look forward to further dialogue before I get to the US.



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