Revolutionary Golf Made Easy©

By Count Yogi®


Yogi's philosophy was; "Know-How is eternal practice.” "Perfect yet simple methods aid this practice."

This is Count Yogi’s first published book. It began in the early 1920’s as a copyrighted compilation of work when finally completed in 1948. It has been un-published and out of circulation since 1950. This first book is the one that the once considered greatest PGA teacher of all time, Tommy Armour Sr. said; “Count Yogi’s first book was the greatest book ever written on golf!” The few Pros over the years that have been fortunate to have viewed it have said: “It was just packed full of pearls of information.” Some of the knowledge and information it contains has never been revealed to the general public and other information has been lost and forgotten over time.


This first book; "Revolutionary Golf Made Easy" © could truly be considered the "Lost Dead Sea Scrolls of Golf"!!!


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"GOLF 1-2" ©, Instructional Book

By Count Yogi®


Count Yogi says in this second book: "To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing and be nothing!"


Count Yogi's 1950's-1960's Pocket Playing Manuel, "Golf 1-2" ©

This is Count Yogi’s 2nd book from the early 1960’s. It was originally written as a ‘pocket playing’ manual for graduated Yogi golfing students. It is a small book, and short on base instruction, but what is said is very profound and powerful if one knows what to look for. For instance, the word “PULL” used for taking the club head away, if done correctly, can and will change your golf forever! This little book will be a powerful and useful tool as your knowledge in the art increases.


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By Count Yogi®


This, without doubt, is one of the most powerful books on golf, golfing technique and golf history ever written. Published originally by ‘Nash Publishers’ and then later by ‘Simon & Schuster’, the book details the Count’s astounding accomplishments and simple way of playing consistent, long lasting, low scoring FUN GOLF!!! Though he is the most imitated golfer in history, it also outlines the Count’s never ending battle to overcome the traditional thinking and established bureaucracy that, until recently, kept his profound and beneficial knowledge from the world of golf at large. It has been voted a few times over the years as the “Book of the Month”!


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