3rd Quarter Newsletter 2016

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Injury Preventative Golf


Scene I:





Scene II:

“I've lost my game and I'm injured too – what happened?”


The Body Hates Torque!!!


Prime Examples:  Louis' back, Tiger & Rory & Jason too!

(An epidemic of knee, shoulders, back and hand injuries – all totally preventable!)






Answer: 100+ years of “Modern Golf” Instruction

Question: Is there an “alternative method” that I don't know about?

Question: If so, who has used this “alternative method?”

Answer: Yes! Two unappreciated “LEGENDS OF GOLF” prove it!

AND, one of your most-beloved countrymen concurs!



Scene III:

So, I can re-gain my powerful, graceful and winning form, injury free??? YES! AND!

(You will achieve your golfing potential!)(Call Tim Nicholls)




Approach, with an “open mind”, intelligent thought, “The YOGI GOLF Art Form!”

 The unique method goes back to Roman times.




Final Act:
You are invited to contact the World's only Yogi Golf,

Master Instructor – Timothy Nicholls.

Tim welcomes your inquiry @ 1-775-410-7861.

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Time To Invest in Yourself? Attention Golfers & Parents!


You are probably a reader of the Yogi Golf Newsletter because you have been frustrated by conventional golf learning and teaching models.  You found yourself feeling inept, confused and empty after too many rounds of golf.   After a lot of emotional, psychological and financial investment in golf, the return has been far from satisfying.  And, consider your health too!



Perhaps you found the notion of the Yogi Golf method, in which you so gracefully move the club and yourself, back and forth, in the same direction, to be appealing.  Without question, the rerouting and change of direction of the club head-shaft from back to forward in the conventional golf swing is mostly a mystery, or at least challenging for most golfers.  (Is my golf injury free?)



Nevertheless, simpler does not matter one bit!  The human brain is infinitely capable of learning complex motor skills just as it is capable of learning the simple ones..  It is HOW that it is learned that makes you look brilliant or look and feel like the village idiot.  You can learn slowly and precisely on the front end and look like a genius thereafter.  Or, you can rush through, half-learn the basics and concepts, and then struggle for a lifetime.  (Yogi's healthy moves are thought!)



Lots of time, money - Consider your investment in golf.  This investment is not in golf, of course, it is an investment in YOU or your CHILD! Modestly avid golfers play five hours a day, twice a week, up to fifty weeks a year.  That is 500 hours a year, and if you play a mere 10 years, your investment is 5,000 hours.  Of course, that doesn't count practice, lessons, tournaments, thinking, story telling, and study of books, magazines, DVD’s, golf channel and trips to the chiropractor.



There is also the small matter of financial investment.  Your 100 yearly rounds are going to be at least $40 per round whether you play at public or private facilities.  That is $4000 per year x 10 years = $40k, not counting equipment, lessons, entry fees and associated dollars spent.  Fifty thousand here and fifty thousand there and it starts to add up!  It might as well be golf.  You could get into boating, flying or horse racing, where you could spend some really serious cash.



Now the purpose of all this is to recreate, which means to re-create.  The entire “golf-exercise” is for the purpose of re-creating ourselves or our children, as we would have them or us be in the ideal.  Eventually, we might discover that there is nothing to “get” from golf except the pleasure of our own participation or watching our children take part in golfing competitions.  Is our way of playing allowing us to become healthier, both physically and mentally?  Yogi Golf does this!



You please your own self through the satisfaction of purely struck shots, the flight of the ball and the commentary of fellow golfers sharing in your experience of those shots.  And, you share in the pleasure of other golfer's pleasure.  The intensity and frequency of this recreated pleasure is directly proportional and magnified as you set up your golfing pastime (the passing of time as you play the game) such that golf and you are free from failure.  It's a grand game!



Do it right - So, what are a few hours to get this thing right on the front end?  Rather than rushing off to the driving range to “fix” or “find”, half-learned skills, and further embed the quick fix, tip of the day, temporal and bound to fall apart mentality, why not invest in learning the thing right from the beginning?  Yogi Golf is a tried and true process formula for learning once and being done with the primary skills.  With these skills behind you, the real meaning of golf is yours.



One way or the other, you are investing time and money in yourself and/or your children!



Why not invest, therefore, for a healthy return?  Make Yogi Golf as rewarding as you hoped it would be.  Yes, it is different, non-traditional but a time tested and proven, brilliant, “Art Form!”


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